Common Air Conditioning Problems

Have you ever wondered what makes your refrigerator unique from your automobile or home AC system?   When was the last time you needed to call for a tune-up on your refrigerator or car AC?  All of these are closed systems that should not require additional freon unless there is a leak in the system!

On the other hand, your home AC may not have been sized or installed correctly when it was commissioned.  You need to understand how the AC systems work.  The unit could have problems because it was improperly sized for your home.  It may not cool properly or fully at extreme temperatures.  It may blow warm air because it was not charged to specifications at the time of installation.  These are simply possibilities that would require more in-depth troubleshooting to determine applicability.  Long story short – don’t just accept that your AC needs more freon!  Ask the technician to solve the problem, not merely address the symptom.  We are air conditioner troubleshooting experts.

HVAC repairman

Common AC and Heating Problems That We Can Solve Fast:

  • Air conditioning not blowing cold air, and simply not cooling the area, or no air is blowing at all (turn off the unit at the thermostat if you have any of these problems) 
  • Noisy unit (indoor and outdoor)
  • Burning or musty smell coming from the vents or unit
  • The system will not come on
  • The thermostat is not working properly
  • Outdoor unit not coming on

  • Outdoor fan not turning or spinning
  • Damaged wiring
  • Water leaks from your interior units in closets, attics, or through the ceiling.  (Turn off your AC to reduce further water damage)
  • Ductwork issues
  • Air not blowing from the vents
  • Air Conditioning Filters need changing
Air conditioner units

Cheap Air Conditioning Repair – Bogus Charges

The old saying of if it sounds too good to be true, it probably still applies, even in this business of air repair.   The fact is that each servicing company must care for its operating overhead of employee salary, vehicle leasing, maintenance, fuel, office employees, utilities, and much more.   If you are told that the service call is less than the industry average, you will instead find yourself with a laundry list of “needed repairs” when the serviceman arrives.  Why do we say this?  The company cannot come out for their stated fee and find nothing wrong.  They would make no money and go out of business.  

On the other hand, call several repair centers and ask them for their schedule of fees. Specifically, how much is their service call fee and what does it exclude?  After calling three AC repair services near you, you will be able to compare their rates.   Stay away from the people that provided the lowest quote.  They are typically going to inspect your unit and find problems that do not exist!  In other words, select the middle quote and expect to have your system properly repaired by experts.  This way you’ll avoid the – ‘oh it needed a tune-up and a bit of freon routine.